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Central Athletics Colts

We are so excited to announce our partnership with the Council Bluffs Colts Football League! This amazing partnership brings sideline and a performance recreational team to families at a low cost and small time commitment! 

Worried about cost? Don't stress any more! Our Booster Club is a fully non-profit 501(c)(3) that was created specifically to help families raise funds & support athletes in our community! DONT WORRY, it's not just selling different items every month... they partner with local concerts & events, and so much more!


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Sideline Cheer

The Colts sideline cheer teams season will run mid July through October. All sideline cheerleaders will have 1 45min practice per week and cheer on the sidelines of the Council Bluffs Colts games on Sundays. At only $35 for registration and $100 for the uniform, this is the PERFECT introduction to cheer.

We will be offering a Colts and Colts-Jackets Team 

Practice & Game schedule will be released Early/Mid Summer

Performance Rec Cheer

Is your young cheerleader interested in MORE than just sideline without committing to our All-Star Cheer Program? We are now offering a Recreational Performance Team to all of our sideline athletes! The Performance Rec season runs August-November with a performance at the Central Athletics Showcase and CheerSport Council Bluffs, at the Mid America Center on December 7th! Practice schedule will be released Early/Mid Summer.

At only $80 a month for 4 months, this is a low cost way, with a small time commitment, to experience the world of All-Star cheerleading. The monthly fee covers athletes competition fee, tuition, and a performance tank top.

(athletes will wear the same skirt worn for sideline with the performance tank top for both performances)

 $25 deposit due at registration and will be credited towards the first months tuition. 

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