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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

When can I enroll in a tumbling class?

Anytime! We have open enrollment year round. This ensures that athletes can progress through the levels at their own pace, as they don't have to wait for sessions to end to advance to the next level!

What is the average cost of a cheer season with you?

The total cost varies based on team placement. For more detailed information about each team email us.

What if we cant afford the cost of cheer?

We understand that this sport, and tumbling can be costly! We have a Non-Profit Booster Club that works with our all-star teams (both full & half season). On average families who actively participate in fundraising raise over $1,000 a season!

For Recreational teams like FUNdamentals is a great resource to assist families financially. Visit their website to apply or for more information.

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