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What's New at Central Athletics this Cheer Season?

2023-2024 Cheer Season

Are you and your family ready for an action-packed season of Cheer & Specialty Classes? Central Athletics is thrilled to announce an array of exciting updates that will keep you and your kids motivated, engaged, and having a blast. From new coaches and teams to specialty classes and improved breaks, this upcoming season promises to be the best one yet. Join us as we dive into the fantastic enhancements that await your family at Central Athletics!

  1. New Coaches and Teams: At Central Athletics, we believe in nurturing talent and providing the best coaching staff to help your children reach their fullest potential. We are proud to introduce our new coaches who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our program. Their passion for sports and commitment to individual growth will ensure that every athlete receives top-notch guidance and support. Additionally, we're excited to announce the introduction of new teams, allowing more students to participate and excel in the sport they love.

  2. Tumbling Classes and Specialty Training: In our continuous effort to provide comprehensive training, we are introducing tumbling classes for athletes of all levels. These classes will focus on developing fundamental skills, improving coordination, and enhancing overall performance. Furthermore, we are thrilled to offer specialty classes, including flyer classes, to help athletes perfect their techniques and take their stunts to new heights!

  3. Conditioning and Strength Training: To excel in any competitive sport, it's crucial to prioritize strength and conditioning. Central Athletics is committed to the well-rounded development of its athletes. Our conditioning and strength training programs are designed to enhance endurance, agility, and overall physical fitness. With our experienced coaches, your child will be well-prepared to meet the demands of their cheer season.

  4. Coed and All-Girl Stunt Classes: We understand the importance of fostering teamwork and inclusivity. This season, we are thrilled to offer coed and all-girl stunt classes, catering to athletes' individual preferences. These classes will focus on perfecting stunts, building trust, and developing seamless synchronization among teammates. Whether your child loves the thrill of coed teamwork or the camaraderie of an all-girl group, Central Athletics has got you covered!

  5. Coed and All-Girl Stunt Private Classes: For those seeking personalized attention and tailored instruction, Central Athletics is introducing coed and all-girl stunt private classes. These classes offer athletes the opportunity to work closely with our experienced coaches, receive individualized feedback, and progress at their own pace. Our private classes are ideal for athletes looking to fine-tune their skills, refine their technique, and take their performance to the next level.

  6. Better Breaks for Athletes: We understand the importance of rest and recovery for young athletes. Recent research has shown that kids need at least six weeks off each year from sports to ensure their well-being and avoid burnout. With this in mind, we have implemented a revised break schedule to prioritize our athletes' health. During the summer, we have designated three weeks off, ensuring a well-deserved break. Additionally, we have planned five full days off during Thanksgiving, two full weeks off for Christmas break, and one week off for spring break. These breaks will allow athletes to recharge, spend time with family, and return to the sport feeling refreshed and energized.

  7. New Teams, Levels, and Schedule: Central Athletics is excited to project the addition of new teams and expanded levels, providing more opportunities for athletes to thrive. Whether your child is a seasoned competitor or a beginner, our program caters to all skill levels. We are committed to offering a diverse range of teams and levels to accommodate every athlete's goals and aspirations. Furthermore, we have devised a new schedule for the season, ensuring ample time for practicing skills!


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